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Your Healthy House applies building science knowledge and training to all types of buildings and filters the analysis through an environmental health and indoor air quality perspective to ensure the building is as healthy as possible for the occupants.

Stephen Collette BBEC, LEED AP, BSSO Principal of Your Healthy House is able to make your home and building healthier with the following services.

Indoor Environmental Testing consists of a thorough air quality inspection of your house or office. We begin with a client questionnaire which helps us to correlate how your building may be affecting your health due to poor air quality. We then search for numerous possible contaminants  that may be compromising your health using various detectors, meters and air sampling procedures, such as mould testing, and EMF testing for example. Post-inspection reports summarize findings, concerns, and offers tailored solutions to create your healthy house.

Environmental Building Consulting can ensure your home or office construction is healthy, natural, ecological and energy efficient. From the design stage to sourcing competent trades, Your Healthy House can help make your healthy house building ideas a reality.