and training which enables him to understand the various processes occurring within the home and how they can interact. Applying these skills and knowledge to the standard home and small office enables Your Healthy House to find the reasons for poor indoor air quality and to find solutions to help create your healthy house.

Stephen Collette is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Accredited Professional (LEED AP), which allows Stephen to use the Canada Green Building Council’s guidelines and method to ensure a quantitative approach to building green.

Stephen Collette is a Building Science Specialist of Ontario. This certification is through the Ontario Building Envelope Council and is gained through Stephen’s successful completion of the University of Toronto’s Building Science Certificate program.

For a copy of Stephen’s CV click here. SJC CV.pdf


Your Healthy House – Indoor Environmental Testing and Building Consulting,

Lakefield, ON. 2005 to present (Principal)

•Environmental Building Consultant for:

•Residential, commercial, institutional and faith communities, ensuring that new construction and renovations are built with environmental considerations such as air quality, energy efficiency, natural, sustainable, low impact, embodied energy, LEED, Energy Star and other criteria

•Residential, commercial and institutional inspections for building science related failures and how they impact indoor environmental concerns such as mould, air, chemical, particulate, combustion gases, and environmental health

•Involvement as a liaison to architects, builders and suppliers, or trainer to those involved, explaining how to use and install new eco products 

•Centre For Equality of Rights in Accommodation – Resource Kit author for Building Owners/Managers on Tenants with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

•Canadian Environmental Law Association/Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and the Environment co-author on Residential Energy Efficiency Programs and how they Relate to Indoor Environmental Quality for Children Report

•Materials and furnishings selections of environmentally preferable products, and sourcing trades capable of meeting client’s requirements and needs

•Environmental Health Clinic – Women’s College Hospital, Toronto, ON

•Clients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and environmental illnesses

•Professional Committee member – The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act – Standards Development Committee representing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

•Canada Green Building Council – LEED AP Exam Review Committee member

•American Standard of Canada

•Orlando Corporation – BOMA (Building Owner’s and Manager’s Association) GO Green Certification, 100 Milverton Dr office tower, Mississauga, ON

•Gravity Developments – Seniors apartment complex, Peterborough, ON

•Peterborough Clinic Medical Centre & Lakefield Primary Health Care Centre

•Camp Kawartha - Outdoor Environmental Education Centre, Designer of Sustainable Building Master Plan

•Faith and the Common Good – Greening Sacred Spaces, Green Audit Manager

Natural Home Builder specialising in Straw Bale Construction

Lakefield, ON. 2002 to 2005 (Self-Employed)

•Worked on 24 straw bale homes and buildings across Ontario and Quebec

•Scope of involvement from general contractor, consultant, builder, to sub contractor

•Range of buildings included 400 to 13,000 sq. ft buildings

•Scope of work included, framing, straw bale work, plastering

•Instructed, trained and supervised numerous builders, homeowners and volunteers straw bale construction techniques


IICRC (The Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) approved Continuing Education Credit Provider (Instructor and Content Developer) for 1-day workshop Building Science and Environmental Health which has been delivered to Professional Restoration Contractors, Insurance Adjusters, Building Managers, Property Owners, Peterborough, City-County Health Unit, Energy Department of Peterborough Green Up

International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, Co-Content Developer and Co-Instructor- Natural and Healthy Building and Renovations, 40hr course Clearwater, FL, Springhill TN, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Austin TX, Portland OR, Present - 2008

Fleming College, Primary Content Developer - Eco Building Techniques, Two-year program, in abeyance, Frost Campus, Lindsay

Fleming College, Instructor and Content Developer - Healthy Home Construction, 18 hr course Continuing Education, Brealey Campus, Jan 2008, Jan 2007, Jan 2006

Fleming College, Primary Content Developer – Sustainability Concepts in Working Life, General Education Credit for all students, in abeyance, Brealey Campus, Peterborough

Fleming College, Sustainable Building Design and Construction Program, Content Specific Instructor – Indoor Environmental Quality, Haliburton Campus, 2009, 2006

Natural Build Workshops, Co-Instructor and Content Developer – Introduction to Building Biology and Natural & Healthy Buildings, Durham, ON, 2010, 2009

Natural Build Workshop Co-Instructor and Content Developer – Building Science for Natural Builders, Durham, ON, 2010

International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, Co-Instructor – Indoor Air, Water, and Materials Seminar, Clearwater, FL, May 2006

Ontario Power Authority, Retail Trainer – Every Kilowatt Counts, Ontario, 2007, 2006

Class Connections, Instructor and Content Developer - Straw Bale Construction, Efficient Renovations and Additions, Introduction to Bau-Biologie, Creating Your Sacred Space, Peterborough, ON 2005-2006


Building Science Specialist of Ontario certification – Ontario Building Envelope Council, September 2010

Asbestos for Workers training – Centre for Disaster Recovery, Barrie, ON, July 2010

Building Science Certificate Program University of Toronto - Professional Development Centre, Toronto, 2012 - 2007

•Building Science 1 (97%) 2007

•Building Science 2 (91%) 2008

•Roof Systems (85%) 2009

•Energy Efficient & Environmentally Sustainable Building & Management Practices for Residential Construction and Renovations (96%) 2009

  1. HVAC Systems (85%) Nov 2009

  2. Window and Wall Systems April 2012

HRV/ERV Install and Balancing Orientation Workshop – vanEE & Air Solutions Inc., Toronto, May 2009

Children’s Environmental Health Champion – Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and the Environment, Toronto, February 2008

Radon in Homes – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Health Canada, January 2008

Energy Star for New Homes Evaluator Training – Enerquality, Toronto, October 2007

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) – Canada Green Building Council, September 2007

Children’s Environmental Health Workshop – World Health Organization, Canadian Institute of Child Health, Ottawa May 2007

Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, Clearwater, FL 2006

•Building Biology Professional Certification Program Correspondence Course, 23 modules with marked questions and Final Exam, 100+ hrs, International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, Clearwater, FL 2006

•Environmental Testing, Customer Protocol and Case History Studies Seminar 60 hrs, International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, Clearwater, FL 2005

•Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar 72 hrs, International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, Clearwater, FL 2005

•Indoor Air, Water, and Materials Seminar 72 hrs, International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, Clearwater, FL 2005

•Indoor Air Quality, Electromagnetic Radiation, and Electrical Home Wiring Online Study Programs with self examinations 60 hrs, International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, Clearwater, FL 2005

Build and Renovate to Avoid Mould Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Peterborough, ON 2005

Green Roof Building Workshop Green Roofs, Healthy Cities, Hastings, ON 2005


Bio                                              705.652.5159     Email

Stephen Collette is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) through the International Institute of Bau-Biologie and Ecology. This lengthy certification analyses the built environment and how it impacts people’s health.

Stephen was a natural builder for 5 years specializing in straw bale construction. Stephen has an engineering background