Air quality testing

Indoor Environmental Testing is the testing and sampling of air quality factors to help identify environmental health triggers within your home or office from poor air quality or other environmental exposure. Buildings are complicated things, and when we add in the mix of the outdoor environment, and the indoor occupants, the combinations of events that can occur to impact our health add up. Your Healthy House takes a building science approach married with environmental health to solve the poor indoor air quality issues that are impacting your health.Your Healthy House can test, inspect, and consult on a variety of indoor air quality issues including

We offer a wide variety of specific and customized testing and sampling programs. Contact us to discuss your needs and options.

Insurance Claim Inspections

Your Healthy House provides professional inspection and consultation services for insurance adjusters and professional remediation companies. Building science inspections relating to air quality concerns are our speciality. Mould (mold), water claims, asbestos, odour chasing, and experience in large insurance losses and insurance claims, allow Your Healthy House to offer a suite of services to meet a variety of needs.

Services include: site inspection and assessments, scope of work, air sampling, creating appropriate remediation protocols and scopes of work, post remediation verification, or clearance inspections, bulk sampling for asbestos, chemical odour analysis, UFFI inspection, radon screening, building assessments, moisture mapping, and other indoor environmental quality inspections.

Your Healthy House is proud to be a member of the Ontario Insurance Adjuster’s Association - Kawartha/Durham chapter

Healthy Home Inspections

Your Healthy House offers Healthy House Inspections for you and your building. Stephen and his family were impacted by mould and because of that event, Your Healthy House was created, to ensure other families do not experience the same health impacts.

Your Healthy House approaches your house as a system, a biological system, because that is the way it operates. Think of your house like a fish bowl, if you don’t clean it, the fish float. If you don’t add fresh air the fish float. If you put chemicals in it, the fish float. Your house is a biological interaction between you and the house, and the house also interacts with the environment around it. This is the basic concept for Building Biology.

Typically a Healthy House Inspection takes about 3-4 hours, top to bottom, inside and out, and looks at how the building works, how it fails, and how it impacts your family’s health. We go through the house together, so we can both learn more about the house and how to make things better. A follow up report is typically 6-8 pages outlining the issues found and various recommendations for each issue.

Whether you have a new family, retired, have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or other environmental sensitivities, Your Healthy House can help.

To better help create the most accurate quote, when emailing, please answer the following questions:

  1. Where are you located?
  2. What is the square footage of your house?
  3. How many floors?
  4. How is the basement finished?
  5. How is it heated?
  6. How long have you been in the building?
  7. When was it built?
  8. How many people in the building?
  9. Any pets?
  10. Any smokers?
  11. Have you been flooded, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, etc?

Mould Inspections

Mold inspections, or mould inspections, look at building failures specifically due to water, and the effects of water damage as it relates to environmental health, namely, the growth of indoor mould.

Mould is everywhere, and life would not occur without it around us. That said, elevated mould within houses is not ideal, and it can impact people’s health.

Your Healthy House focuses on real solutions, and identification of concerns. Determining the source of moisture, how to resolve it, and then to determine the scope and scale of the mould concern in the building is the next step. Identification of mould through air samples can be helpful in determining types and quantities of mould present. A remediation protocol (a set of instruction for cleaning) is then created for professional mould remediation companies to quote on and follow. Clearance tests, or post remediation verification tests are also carried out at the end of the remediation work to ensure the work was done correctly, safely and professionally. As an impartial third party consultant, Your Healthy House ensures the work is done properly and the building is safe at the end of the day.

Whether the issue is a plumbing leak, a roof leak, a flooded basement, or a grow op, Your Healthy House can help.