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An article that discusses the need for sustainability and energy audits in faith community buildings, and Green Audits are discussed.

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A Safe Haven

​An article by Stephen published in Child’s Life magazine.


Rid your child’s room of toxins and allergens by choosing healthier products.

Children of all ages treasure their bedrooms – it’s their refuge, their castle, their playroom and their safe haven. They spend as much time there as they can but is this space actually healthy for them?

The Healthy Basement

​An article by Stephen published in Allergic Living, January 2011.


“People with environmental sensitivities, allergies and asthma are often taught to shun basements as dark, dank places laden with triggers such as mold and chemical fumes. And that stereotype can hold true. But the basement also presents much needed extra space. So let’s show you how to make your downstairs a safe, comfortable and breathable area.”


Contributor - Llewelyn’s 2009 Green Living Guide

Originally published in 2009 Llewlyn’s guide provide helpful information for consumers to change their lifestyle and become more ecologically aware.

Amazon Description:

“Renew, re-use, recycle” has become a call to action for millions who care about our planet. What can each of us do to ensure a bright future for our children, grandchildren, and forthcoming generations? The Green Living Guide―a new annual from Llewellyn―offers fresh ideas and Earth-friendly advice for sustaining our world.

Canadian Building Digests

Canadian Building Digests were the original building science research papers created by the pioneers of this industry. Their research stands as a testament to the great minds in Canadian Building Science and is still more than relevant decades later. I have, on my own account, copied them off the internet and compiled them into a word document so that I can use it for my own personal use. Note: The link to this resource leads to a 1500 page word document, please allow sufficient time to download.

Creating Healthy Multi-Unit Housing - A Resource Guide

Authored by Stephen Collette for the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation

“This Resource Guide was created as part of HomeSafe: Creating Healthy and Green Housing, an initiative of the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA). It is designed for residential landlords, co-operative and condominium boards of directors, property managers, superintendents and others working in the multi-unit housing sector to complement CERA’s Guidelines for Creating Healthy Multi-Unit Housing. In the following pages you will find a wide variety of information and resources on how to improve the indoor air quality in residential buildings and make them environmentally safer for residents.”

The Case for Better Integration of Children’s Environmental Health Protection into Energy Efficiency Programs

Canadian Environmental Law Association’s Healthy Retrofits: The Case for Better Integration of Children’s Environmental Health Protection into Energy Efficiency Programs - co-authored by Stephen Collette. ​

This PDF report was published by The Canadian Environmental Law Association in 2011. Length: 66 pages.

“The purpose of this report is to evaluate the current state of knowledge and practice with respect to energy efficient renovations and retrofits in Canada generally and Ontario specifically, and the extent to which the programs that support these efforts incorporate children’s environmental health concerns.”



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