Seminar: Building Physics / Building Biology – 2021

April 12 2021 - Online and Santa Fe, NM (tentatively)

Building Biology, or Bau-biologie®, is a specialized branch of Building Science with human health as the central focus. This 5-day seminar explores the inter-relationships between human health, the built environment and planetary ecology. Attendees will learn about building physics, the interaction between air, moisture, toxins and humans within a built environment, and the uniquely holistic Building Biology approach to the built world. Students will learn to apply Building Biology criteria to evaluate building envelopes, and explore a number of alternative systems available in North America. Additionally, students will learn about healthy design strategies for passive heating/cooling, mechanical/electrical systems, and evaluate materials and finishes for their health impact. The instructors are experienced architects and/or builders in the natural building field.
Topics include:
• Introduction
• Building Biology® Principles & philosophy
• Comparative analysis of Building Science and Building Biology
• Building Physics
• Physical aspects of the built environment of unique interest to building biologists
• Best Practice Conventional Construction and Alternative Building Systems
• Alternative mechanical systems