2019 IBE 211 Indoor Air & Water Quality Seminar

June 03 2019 - IMH Retreat Centre, Santa Fe, NM

IBE 211 Indoor Air & Water Quality is created and co-taught by Stephen Collette for the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology. This 5 day course covers all aspects of indoor environmental quality for people who wish to learn more to become professionals in the field. This seminar is part of the Building Biology Environmental Consultant stream.

This yearly updated course will put the information at your fingertips to learn throughout the week about: The environmental concerns, where do they come from within the built environment, how do you measure them, and how do you get them out of the house (or office, or commercial building).

The all-new manual and the PowerPoint will aid and support you in the process during the class, as well as provide the added bonus of being an excellent reference for your careers and/or for your investigations into problem issues and possible health hazards in your own home once you complete this seminar. The practical “cause-effect-solution” approach by co-instructors Stephen and Alex will make this course accessible to Building Biologists of any and all professional certification streams, as well as to environmentally curious homeowners.

Learn the cutting-edge and emerging air and water quality science, practices, and solutions. Join us for five days of lectures, and instructor-led discussions. Gain insight into the indoor factors that can imperil or support human health.