Virtual Online Consulting for You!

I want to announce that Your Healthy House is now offering virtual building consulting across our entire suite of building consulting services. In this way, Stephen can ensure your health and safety, as well as that of his own family, while still moving you forward on your project, whether that is healthy house inspections, sustainable building consulting, whatever need you have.

Episode # 18 BioGeometry

In this episode Stephen speaks with Doreya Karim, the Managing Director of the BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. Doreya explains what BioGeometry is, and how it can be used to improve your home to create a healthier space to live when looking at subtle earth energies. This is a fun and really interesting talk you won’t want to miss.

1,500 Downloads Can’t Be Wrong!

I am happy to announce that my podcast has reached 1,500 downloads! This is a great feeling to know that people are finding value in them to help create their own healthy houses. Please check out my podcast if you haven’t already, and share and like it as well.

Episode #17 Healthy Home Hacks - Sleeping with the Enemy

In this episode I chat with Ron and Lisa Beres on their podcast Healthy Home Hacks It was a lot of fun talking with fellow Building Biologists and people who are passionate about creating healthy houses.

In this episode, Building Biology Environmental Consultant, Stephen Collette, BBEC, BBNC, LEED AP, CAHP, BSS shares insight on simple and affordable ways to create a safe sleep sanctuary. Stephen breaks down the enemies affecting our health while we sleep each night including biological and chemical pollution, particulate matter, and electromagnetic radiation.

Building Biology Institute’s First Ever Online Course

On 11 June 2020, the Building Biology Institute rolled out its first-ever online seminar as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions. A record 45 students participated in IBE 211 Indoor Environmental Quality, from throughout the United States and Canada, and as far away as Finland, Australia, and Israel.

Digitized Solplan Review Magazines

On behalf of Richard Kadulski and myself, I am very pleased to announce that the Solplan Reviews are officially digitized and online now for all!!! You can find the entire 30 years of issues, all 179 of them here:

Episode #16 Building Biology and Rewilding Your House

In this episode, Stephen is a guest on the Rewild My Bio podcast by Shawn Slade. This is a great conversation about how to connect nature within your own home and the importance of integrating Building Biology and nature in your life. Check out his podcast and website at

April 1st A Fool and His House are Soon Parted

In this episode, Stephen tells some funny stories of experiences doing healthy house inspections. Tune in and have a much-needed laugh as we take a break from the never-ending news cycle. You might even learn something between laughs!

1,000 Podcast Plays!!!!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to celebrate that over the weekend I have had 1,000 podcast plays to date! This is great and makes me feel like I am offering something that people are enjoying and benefitting from. I am also pretty humbled that I have that many people listening.

Episode #14 Social Distancing and Keeping Your House Healthy

In this episode, Stephen hunkers down with you in self-isolation and discusses easy things you can do during quarantine and social distancing to help you and your family stay healthy while at home.

Episode #13 - We Are All Stardust

In this episode, Stephen will talk about dust in our homes. What is dust, where does it come from and how are we able to keep it under control? These are all important questions that Stephen will explain and answer while keeping you entertained in the process.

Episode #12 My Interview with Harold Orr

This episode is a little different than normal. I had the deep pleasure to interview a pioneer in Canadian building science, Mr. Harold Orr. I got to meet Harold through a colleague and friend, Angie Bugg, who you will also hear on the episode, as well as Harold’s wonderful wife, Mary.

The quality isn’t great, as this was recorded on my iPhone, but for those nerds out there who love building science history, this is awesome. For those who are not that type of nerd, don’t worry, I’ll have a regular episode up and running to you shortly.

Episode #11 Home for the Holidays - The Emotional Spaces

In this episode, Stephen will unwrap how spaces and places make us feel and how we can begin to create spaces that make us feel healthier.

Episode #10 Should I Have Mushrooms in My Kitchen?

Come hang out in your kitchen with Stephen as he shows you how to make this space super healthy for you and your family.

Episode #9 What is that Stink in my Bathroom?

Come hang out in your bathroom with me as we talk about how to make your bathroom healthy and stink-free!

Root Cellars, Wine Cellars and Cold Rooms Oh My!

In this episode, Stephen will explain the differences between root cellars, wine cellars, and cold rooms so that you can ensure you can create the healthiest version of each.

Episode # 7 How Your Home Can Affect Your Health

This episode originally appeared on Future Tech Podcast and Future Tech Health Podcast with Richard Jacobs. In this episode, Richard interviews Stephen to learn about the opportunities and challenges within everyone’s home.

Podcast # 6 - How to Make My Baby’s Room Healthy

In this episode, Stephen gets on his hands and knees and crawls around your baby’s new room looking at everything in detail. From womb to room, we’ll look at how to create a healthy space for your newest addition…

Podcast Episode #5 What is the Healthiest Home to Buy?

In this episode, Stephen will explain the pros and cons of homes from different eras, over the last 100+ years…

Episode #4 Is My House Making Me Sick?

In this episode, Stephen walks through your home with you and explains some of the simple science going on to help you determine where you should be focussing your efforts, and where you don’t…

Podcast #3 I Think I Have Mould in My House

In this episode, Stephen will talk about one of the most common concerns homeowners and tenants have: I think I have mould in my house. Stephen will explain what mould is, how to lives and thrives and how to keep it at bay. This isn’t biology class; you will think about biting cows in a different light after this entertaining and educational exploration of mould in our homes.

Website Upgrades for the Podcasts

I would like to take this time to truly thank Glen and Miriam for helping me create this website you see before you…

Podcast Episode #2 What is Building Biology?

In this episode, Stephen will explain what Building Biology is, how it started, and how it can help homeowners, builders and designers create healthier places to live…

New Podcast!!!

Here is Episode #1 of Your Healthy House Podcast! I am pretty excited to have it done and out there in the wild. You will be able to find all the episodes on your favourite podcast source including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, TuneIn & Alexa, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Castro, Castbox and Podchaser.

Click to listen!

O Greenest Church?

Here is an interesting article that was written for the Anglican Journal. I was interviewed for the article and there are some great discussions about the need to educate people, especially older generations on the importance of climate change and environmental justice issues…

Helmut Ziehe’s Library

Helmut Ziehe was the founder of the Building Biology Institute in North America over 30 years ago. When he passed away in 2013 he left a legacy of students across North America and beyond, an Institute that has grown since his initial vision and a web of connected, caring people, including Susannah Ziehe, his widow. He also left a large collection of books..

Build with Rise Articles

I am very grateful that in the fall I met the team from Build with Rise in Fredericton, NB while at the National Trust Heritage Conference. It was a chance meeting, and a great connection of like minds. Matt Daigle has put together a great team that include Melissa Rappaport Schifman, the editor of the Insights & Stories. Discussions with both of them turned into me becoming a regular contributor to the website, for which I am grateful and proud.

Building Biology New-build Consultants

Myself, along with Paula Baker-Laporte of EcoNest, working with the International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology created the newest certification stream for Building Biologists with the Building Biology New-build Consultants (BBNC)...

Healthy Homes, Natural Construction and Building Science Video

I am grateful that I had the opportunity last year to work with some great people and organizations to help make this fun video on healthy housing, natural construction and building science. I worked the International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology (IBE) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)...

Surprises During Inspections

Have you ever had it happen to you? You know, where you are doing a designated substance survey on a closed up building that is going to be demolished and you walk into the boarded up building and as your eyes adjust to the darkness you notice two bodies lying on the floor? No? Well I have…

Healthy Natural Cleaning Recipes

​These are from my old website, and it was one of the most popular pages on the site. Please share and enjoy!

Great Article About Stephen and Green Audits

The Anglican Diocese of Toronto wrote a great article about Stephen’s work with the great folks at Holy Trinity​ Anglican Church in Thornhill…

Allback Linseed Oil

While attending the National Trust for Canada’s 2017 Conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Sonja and Hans Allback from Sweden, the creators of Allback Organic Linseed Paint company…

MC at IBE’s 2017 Healthy Building Conference

It was a great weekend in Wisconsin at the 30th celebration of Building Biology in North America. There were amazing speakers throughout the weekend, and a great group of Building Biologists and colleagues who are passionate about creating healthy houses!

Road Trip

Do you ever have that opportunity to spend time in a car with someone whom you respect, a colleague, and be able to talk about all the really interesting things about the job you both love to do?

A New Look

I am grateful to have a fresh new look to Your Healthy House with a brand new website, branding and approach. I am grateful for those who worked hard to make it happen. I will have their links up shortly.