Great Article About Stephen and Green Audits

Stephen Collette and Green Team from Holy Trinity Anglican Thornhill Ontario
Stephen Collette and Green Team from Holy Trinity Anglican Thornhill Ontario

The Anglican Diocese of Toronto wrote a great article about Stephen’s work with the great folks at Holy Trinity​ Anglican Church in Thornhill. You can find the article here. They are a great group of people who are making strides in improving their environmental footprint and energy savings. Their efforts will save them money, freeing that money up for mission work and outreach moving forward.

Allback Linseed Oil

While attending the National Trust for Canada’s 2017 Conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Sonja and Hans Allback from Sweden, the creators of Allback Organic Linseed Paint company. These two came into this field by becoming ill from building materials, something I can relate to personally. They learned about the traditional methods of historic preservation and healthy finishes and created the world’s leading, highest quality materials to make that a reality!

Michael and John from Living Rooms in Kingston, are the national representatives for Allback and brilliant gentlemen in their own right, having a store front, a web store and have learned the true art of how to create healthy, historic and natural spaces with the right products and skills! To learn more, check out their website at Solvent Free Paint.

Stephen Collette with the Allbacks and Solvent Free Paint Team
Stephen Collette with the Allbacks and Solvent Free Paint Team

MC at IBE’s 2017 Healthy Building Conference

It was a great weekend in Wisconsin at the 30th celebration of Building Biology in North America. There were amazing speakers throughout the weekend, and a great group of Building Biologists and colleagues who are passionate about creating healthy houses! As MC I had the pleasure to get to know the various speakers better and of course was able to spend time with my tribe of people who love this field. Being MC also has it’s perks, as the image below shows!

Stephen Collette as MC at IBE's 30th Anniversary Conference
Stephen Collette as MC at IBE’s 30th Anniversary Conference

Road Trip

Do you ever have that opportunity to spend time in a car with someone whom you respect, a colleague, and be able to talk about all the really interesting things about the job you both love to do? I have that pleasure, as I’m going to the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology’s 30th Anniversary Conference, where I will be MC. (check out the link in the events page). I’m driving there with a colleague and friend, John of EMF Inspections. He is one of the best in the field and a great person. If you are looking for help with respect to EMF, he is the professional you want to use. Just don’t use him this weekend, as he and I will be at the conference.

A New Look

I am grateful to have a fresh new look to Your Healthy House with a brand new website, branding and approach. I am grateful for those who worked hard to make it happen. I will have their links up shortly.