Your Healthy House               

Buildings can make people sick. Your Healthy House makes buildings healthy for you and the environment. Whether it is your house, office, school, or any other type of building, Your Healthy House can help. 

Your Healthy House applies building science knowledge and training to all types of buildings and filters the analysis through an environmental health and indoor air quality perspective to ensure the building is as healthy as possible for the occupants and the planet.

If you have concerns about your existing building, please go to the Air Quality Testing page to learn how Your Healthy House can help.

If you are trying to make a new design, construction or renovation as healthy and green as possible, please go to the Building Consulting page to learn how Your Healthy House can help.

Click my name to learn more about Stephen Collette BBEC, LEED AP, BSSO Principal of Your Healthy House.

Your Healthy House is located in Lakefield, Ontario and services all of southern Ontario, and beyond. 

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